Phyllis Tickle on Emergence/Emerging Church

Phyllis Tickle, (The Great Emergence), credits Robert Webberas one of the first to recognize the beginning of what has become the emerging church movement in the early 1970s.  Webber’s Institute for Worship Studies hosts regular workshops and presentations that have been recorded and are available for viewing/listening.  Tickle was the keynote for the June 2009 Alumni Series and shared her thoughts on the Church’s Rummage Sale (part 1part 2, and part 3) along with an annotated bibliography of emerging church resources.

(from Bibliography by Phyllis Tickle, June 2009)

Any list of web-sites about emergence Christianity is doomed from the start to beinadequate and perhaps idiosyncratic as well. Nonetheless, even the most inadequate listoffers a place to begin; and each site on such a list will lead to the names of others deeplyinvolved in the emergence conversation. On that basis and just for starters:

A Few Examples of Some Better Known Emergence Worshipping Communities

Some Sites Offering Information about the Conversation

A Few of the Many, Many Blogs by Emergence Leaders


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