3. Itinerant & Independent

A graduate of the Philadelphia Divinity School, The Rev John Woodcock is pastor of the Church of the Loving Shepherdan ecumenical, community church, rooted in Christ’s spirit of compassion, called into service, and committed to encourage each member’s journey into God. The website identifies its mission as: providing at Bournelyf a democratic Christian fellowship of faith and acceptance whereby, through worship, education, and programmed ministries, members and the larger community find nurture and growth. The church is located on a 19-acre farm property just south of West Chester, Pennsylvania. The services are conducted in a renovated 18th-century barn with about 60 families regularly attending services.

A graduate of the Episcopal Divinity School, The Rev Carol W. Bolstad is pastor of The Open Door Mission, a newly developing ministry that seeks to create spiritual, educational, worship, and healing opportunities for individuals, groups, and communities to experience God’s transforming love. Based in South Dennis MA (Cape Cod), the Mission’s reach also extends outside the church walls — to prisons, jails, recovery homes, shelters, non-profits, churches, the streets and homes — to offer contemplative Eucharistic services, 11th step groups, centering prayer opportunities, retreats, and addictions counseling.


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