2. Church Plant

The Rev. Thomas brackett

The Rev. Thomas L.  Brackett, Episciscopal Church missioner for church planting, ministry redevelopment, & fresh expressions, will be the guest lecturer.

He has a blog, “Church Planting Central,” that chronicles his adventures and offers tips for those who are planting, and replanting, ministries in the Episcopal church.

He has invited us to read and reflect on his essay “Midwifing the Movement of the Spirit,” in Ancient Faith, Future Mission: Fresh Expressions in the Sacramental Tradition edited by Stephen Croft, Ian Mobsby and Stephanie Spellers (pp 34-49).  (I ask you to read pp 1-108.)  Other resources that may be helpful for today’s class include:

Lydia Kelsey Bucklin shared this video from a talk – “Growing Congregations – given by The Rev. Tom Brackett at the 158th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa on Oct 29, 2010.


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