Religious Apps and Other Resources

Demonstrating a “Christ redeeming Culture” or a “Christ of Culture” (Dulles) perspective, there are many apps for Christians and other religious practitioners being developed.  See what makes sense for your use: 

* Church in a Pocket: Mobile Apps for Religious Engagement (7/23/10)
* Guide to Catholic Apps and Podcasts (6/2010)
* Christian and Religious Apps
* 20 Incredible iPhone Apps for Christian Evangelicals
* 50 Excellent iPhone Apps for Christian Living
* App it Up: Shri Vishnu Prathana and Shri Durga Prathana (7/20/09)

Also see the commentary about religious aps, particularly one removed from the iTunes story in December 2010 for anti-gay rhetoric:

* Apple Zaps Conservative iPhone App
Apple and Christian Aps… A Troubling Development (11/29/10)
* Petition Asking Apple to Reinstate iPhone App Gains Steam (12/3/10)
* Godwired: When Faith and Smart Phones Converge (8/3/10)


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