Making Time

Throughout the course, we have been reflecting on how church is not simply a place to go (which it is) but also a way of being.  It assumes that the gathering of God’s people enables us to be Story Keepers (preserving God’s Story and the traditions that have sprung from it), Story Sharers (telling and retelling the Story of God’s presence throughout history), and Story Makers (adding the integration of our stories with God’s story to what has been previously collected and shared). This type of story sharing takes time…  and intentionality.

Story Keeping is primarily an institutional function.  Chronicling the history of God’s presence in time and across time has primarily been the responsibility of church professionals. Ordained clergy and lay ecclesial ministers have devoted their lives to study, reflection, analysis, interpretation, integration, teaching and preaching. Their attention is on ensuring that the wisdom of faith communities in the past and present is passed on to their future. We, as baptized members of the Christian community, also keep the Story alive as we hear God’s Word, engage its Vision, and respond by Story Sharing and Story Making.

Story Sharing is primarily an interpersonal act where longtime adherents and new members tell how God has been active in their lives.  For members of a faith community, this occurs informally as individuals reflect on how their faith and life intersect and more formally through Bible Study and faith sharing.  Story Sharing also occurs liturgically, as we ritually reinact the history of salvation as well as symbolically as we embed theological meaning into images and signs (the cross, a fish, etc).  When Story Sharing occurs between faith community members, it is called Catechesis, or Faith Formation; when it is directed toward those who have not heard God’s story, it is called Evangelization.

Story Making is primarily personal.  Having heard God’s Word, faith community members are called to respond.  God has offered us a vision of the world as it was intended with all of creation living in harmony with God and each other.  As the People of God and the Body of Christ, we are asked to live such that the dream is fulfilled.  We become the Story as we make the Dream of God a reality.

It takes time to be attentive to God’s presence in our lives.

It takes time to reflect upon and inwardly digest God’s Story.

It takes time to understand what God is asking of me…. and of us…

It takes time to develop a plan…

It takes time to act…

In the chaos of what I call life, I am aware that I am not always as attentive as I would like.  I am aware that I need to make time… more time… to listen to the voice of God, to discern what God is saying to me, and to act.

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One Response to Making Time

  1. Lydia says:

    Great post. What struck me is that it takes time as well to be in relationship with one another. In order to really connect and be fully present to those around me, I have to set aside time, precious time, to just give my full attention and engage in story sharing.

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