Being Church – Marks of Mission

The Anglican Church of Canada has issued a challenge… to name a vision of the church in 2019 that they can begin to embody.  YouTube includes a collection of individual and communal statements of visions offered.  They sho how we can be church in the 21st century.

Members of the Anglican Communion have been identifying ways they can embody the Marks of the Church in their contexts. (See Marks of the Church) How do you see the marks embodied in your context? If you had a chance to “Dream the Church” (as the Anglicans of Canada are doing), what would your dream be? Do you believe that we can create the Dream of God… together?

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One Response to Being Church – Marks of Mission

  1. Lydia Bucklin says:

    This is a great video. I love the idea of asking people not just what their vision is, but how we can start living into it now. Seems like the vision for most is unconditional love, inclusion, and a commitment to social justice. AMEN!

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